Steam Deck likes waking itself up

No idea why, the monitor isn’t on the Steam Deck input when it isn’t being used, but the screen on the Deck itself is waking up. First time the camera recorded it happening while sleeping.

One time, it happened right after I got out of the bathroom. Some interesting timing to say the least.

Not sure if it’s a software problem, or a hardware problem, perhaps the new dock, it’s a third party dock. The USB switch wasn’t on the Steam Deck either.

I turned the Deck off, and unplugged it from dock, not good to leave it plugged in 24/7 anyways. The battery is 99% charged last time I looked. It was 100% at some point.

Maybe the Linux desktop will start waking up a lot instead. Or maybe the Deck will get turned on. If the Deck gets turned on, it could be a hardware problem. Except, that means it has two hardware problems, waking itself up, and turning itself on.

Could be a consciousness turning it on, but good luck proving that. Humans don’t even believe they have a consciousness, or are separated from it.

You’ll just think you are going insane, if the damn screen wakes itself up all the time, and you have no idea why. I searched for the issue, but not very hard, doesn’t look like a common problem. Somebody said if they move the mouse that’s plugged into the dock. The input on the USB switch, should have been the desktop. And I was sleeping.

I put a box around the Steam Deck. The camera didn’t record before it was on, for some reason. Probably because you can barely see the Deck.

And I should have just posted a picture, nothing is happening in the video.

To see what happens, the iPad mini’s case is open, it has a stand, but can also close it. But you can’t see the entire iPad’s screen where it is. Might move the wireless AP, and put the iPad there. The camera might be able to see there.

No idea why the Steam Deck would be easier to wake up then the Linux desktop, or even the iPad.

Apparently you can’t charge limit the Steam Deck, so I’ll be leaving it off and unplugged. There’s an old screenshot on their forum, that shows KDE in desktop mode had the setting, they must have removed it, because I have no such setting in desktop mode. I only need the setting in desktop mode.

Don’t think the iPad has woke up yet. So looks like a software and/or hardware problem.

Published on: 27 December 2022
Posted by: Tom