Good way to start 2023

Felt like at least two creatures by me in bed this morning. One on each side of me.

Well, the first thing I noticed, was I woke up early, and felt pressure on my stomach, like somebody was by my stomach. Not sure if I was dreaming, or hallucinating, but saw a cat that looked like Oadis. I saw him on my actual bed. But not sure my actual bed, or just in my mind. That feeling wasn’t there when I woke up.

I may have been having issues breathing because of the pressure on my stomach, but I ain’t telling a cat or any animal with or without a body, to not lay by me.

I may have done a petting motion where I thought they were laying. Hard to remember, I know I thought about doing so. I’m pretty sure I was wide awake, so no idea why it’s hard to remember.

After that, I didn’t feel anybody by my stomach anymore, lower down.

If only two creatures, perhaps Buddy and Tonka. But I might have felt somebody by my back, not right by me though. Three creatures, is obviously all three of the dogs I grew up with, Buddy, Meiko, and Tonka.

If all three dogs were here last night, Tonka was probably the one not right by me.

It is Tonka’s bed, so she can go on it whenever she wants. Anybody can go on her bed, if she wants them on it. Maybe an elephant will visit me. Not sure how they’ll fit, I guess by not being in a body. It might be dead obvious if an elephant is on my bed while sleeping.

Remember, love never ends, it’s forever.

And the pressure on my stomach, may have been a message. Such as something wrong with me. Somebody’s living I think dog told them about something by pushing their head on their stomach or something.

I thought something may happen, I washed my bedding yesterday. And when I woke up too early, I then was thinking stuff happens in there all the time, I’m just not aware of it.

Sorry, no camera goes in my bedroom. I don’t want anything to stop happening, and I don’t want to watch myself sleep. Some people like being haunted. I consider everything they do as love. I suppose you could get a negative haunting. But I have complete faith in God, and the divine, that they will protect me.

Oh and I woke up actually somewhat happy today. But why did it take more then one creature to get the message of love across? I’m pretty sure Tonka has done stuff by herself. But I may just cry after she does something. No crying today. Perhaps seeing Oadis, did something. Even if I was hallucinating him. But why the fuck would I hallucinate a cat? I didn’t get scared.

I don’t really understand why I saw the cat, or why there was pressure on my stomach. I wasn’t any cat’s person, at least not as far as I know. Pretty sure he was my sister’s cat. But since Meiko might be here sometimes too, I wasn’t his person either. So I guess you don’t need to be the animal’s person for them to visit you.

They could have only been here because of love.

Oh and I think I knew Tonka was here, because I vaguely remember at some point saying something, Tonka’s name, and possibly I love her. Not sure when that was though. Also, don’t know how I automatically say stuff to her. I’m not intentionally doing it. It just happens. Perhaps that’s what happens when you get such a strong bond with anybody. The creature doesn’t have to be a dog, could even be another human. Love doesn’t care about the body.

I can also see other consciousnesses following Tonka here, like Buddy and Meiko, and possibly Oadis. He slept on the bed with the dogs and me, I think on my feet. For some reason he seemed to like the dogs.

Published on: 4 January
Posted by: Tom