More consciousness

If everything is conscious, then I can’t be wrong. So if that’s dust, really close to the camera, it’s conscious.

But look at the one gunning it on the bottom of the video. And the really bright one, might not be behaving like dust. Shouldn’t dust float down? There is lots of airborne particles in here, probably dust and hair.

I was in the bathroom when that recorded, so no idea what it recorded. Three dumps so far today. Did I eat fiber yesterday or something?

Really need another camera, to see if it’s recorded on both. Dust probably won’t be recorded far away. Too cheap to buy one though. Maybe buy a different brand, just in case. Oh and I had to remove the beginning, because it was corrupted again. And the editor I was using on the Mac saves a black video if you keep it.

Maybe not the bottom of the video, just below the shelf. Reminds me of running. The airborne stuff in the air, that I see with my naked eye, isn’t usually going very fast. Though it can go up, if it’s hair. It starts somewhere else in the room. Maybe it came from the kitchen? Or the bedroom? It’s always on that wall where the shelf is, I think.

Well, that might answer, what would happen if I put a camera in my room. It might record lots of weird stuff. And bugs crawling on me. They live in the pipes, so good luck getting rid of them. Or it won’t record anything anymore. Maybe they don’t want to always be on camera.

Calling it a haunting might not be the right word, they are here for love. Haunting seems like it’s bad. If anybody I can’t see is here for love, I don’t care. Oh and Aliens aren’t Aliens, they are the same as us without a body. So even if some other consciousness that I think I don’t know is here, but here for love, heck if I care. Love means they probably won’t scare me.

The Steam Deck has been plugged in all the time again, and it isn’t waking up by itself as much. So I have no idea why it wakes up sometimes. That is plugged into a dock, that is plugged into power. I solved my keyboard and mouse problem, got a four computer USB switch. They don’t have a three computer one, at least not that brand, and I didn’t buy a cheapo one. Only needed two USB ports for the devices, but it has four of those too. If you read reviews, if you use stuff that uses more power, you may have issues. Or was that the USB 3.0 one? I can plug power into it, didn’t need to luckily. The computer USB cables are permanently attached, which is annoying, especially considering how fucking long they are. Works fine for a keyboard and mouse. Don’t know what else you’d use a USB switch for. Well, my mom uses one for a fan I think.

My printers are on the network, one plugged into my desktop and shared. Actually both might be shared from desktop, macOS doesn’t apparently like the photo printer. Not sure I ever got macOS to be able to print, or maybe it can, just can’t easily select the right paper size. Funny that it works better in Linux. Probably because the wired and wireless VLAN are separated.

Published on: 11 January
Posted by: Tom