Perhaps you need to know what consciousness is to know what shared consciousness is

Humans may not be individual consciousness, but they must be individuals, because we aren’t all moving the same, acting the same, or looking the same.

Or are we not supposed to be that way? In that case, which psychopath gets to be the one human? Well, that won’t go very well. They’ll decide by last man standing, but if none are standing, then no one human.

Now if you aren’t conscious, you won’t know you exist, or is that awareness? Can you be conscious without awareness?

Do one of their books explain what a shared consciousness is? Or did they not ask God that? I forgot who said that.

Well, I got some more books to put on my Kindle, thanks to the public domain download source. I probably won’t read them, I have too many books to read.

Published on: 5 June
Posted by: Tom