Tonka was by me this morning

There was even a spot pushed down behind me, and I for sure thought Tonka was by me in bed.

So I’m going with Tonka was by me in bed, not my mind playing tricks on me.

The camera can’t see the spot. No idea if that’s why that spot was picked, or that’s just the spot she wanted. But I think I should turn the camera around, as there’s no real value in it pointing in my room anymore. Less stuff might happen with it pointing in there. If it was my mind playing tricks, I’d think I’d feel Tonka by me every night.

Use it to monitor the 3D printer if it ever works again. Need some way to mount it though. But that might kill the camera, if it’s inside the tent. Except, the printer itself can handle whatever the temperature is inside tent.

You can print a mount if you want a camera for it.

Yesterday, maybe around 5:30 PM, the monitor woke up for an unknown reason. I wasn’t home. I did get some notifications, but not sure what time. And when I looked at it, didn’t see anything. Scrypted isn’t great, if you are using the motion detection on an Amcrest camera, Scrypted only checks so often, so it doesn’t detect all motion.

And you apparently have to tell it to use the low quality stream for local streaming, if you want to change the stream for remote streaming. If I don’t do that, the video pauses. Doesn’t seem to do it on my own WiFi though. So perhaps Apple’s servers are crap. Well, it could be using them when on my own WiFi, not sure. I think my phone has complete access to the Apple TV. So is it going from the Apple TV to phone? I should temporally disable that firewall rule, and see if it’ll pause on my own WiFi then. Maybe then I can fix it, without having to use the lower quality stream.

The lower quality stream doesn’t need transcoding. It saves the motion detected videos to my computer using FTP, and I don’t want massive H264 files. Nor do I want to manually transcode them all, or make a script. I guess the Mac mini could do it, but it was expensive for what it is, and I don’t want to ever buy a new one. The CPU gets hot when transcoding, even with hardware acceleration. The GPU is on the CPU, don’t know what Apple Silicon Macs use for hardware transcoding. It uses Video Toolbox, that’s all I know. Maybe it’s just called a “hardware encoder”. Either way, the CPU gets hotter.

I did cry yesterday about my dead dad, and probably Tonka.

Published on: 2 June
Posted by: Tom