Steam Deck finally woke itself up some more

It’s been days I think since it woke itself up. No idea why it’s waking up. I prefer to think somebody I can’t see is waking it up.

I woke up depressed today, and possibly was crying in my sleep, I was in the dream. About the dead animals, and my dead dad.

No relationship with my dad, and him being dead, affected me. My mom may hate him, but he’s my dad. And when you die, you are aware of things you weren’t before, or at least a lot of people are. If God wants you to see what your actions caused, God will do so. Since God is love, if you’ve messed up at all, expect God to show you what it caused.

Apparently some people want both of their parents.

And how can you hate anybody? Almost everybody screws up. Screwed up more? You can let God decide if anybody screwed up more.

Published on: 16 April
Posted by: Tom