Was somebody sleeping on my knee?

Felt like it. I sleep on my side, and the knee on the bottom, was out, so somebody could sleep on it. Possibly on my leg too.

Probably why I slept longer today. I don’t like waking up, when I feel somebody on the bed. If it’s my mind, too bad I don’t feel somebody on the bed every night/morning. I might not get out of bed anymore though.

If somebody was actually there, I can guess who was there, my only guess is Tonka though. I don’t think any of the animals slept on my knee like that when they were alive. So not really sure who would have been doing it, Tonka is the most likely though, she does know she can lay on me.

She was scared once, was laying on my sideways, and peed on me. I didn’t get mad at her or anything. I think I just took a shower. If you get mad at a scared dog for peeing on you, you are a bigger asshole then me. They probably shouldn’t have dogs if they get mad at them for peeing when scared.

Published on: 13 April
Posted by: Tom