The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch is coming back on 04/18/2023

According to Channels DVR, I record it, from TV Everywhere.

Good show, maybe not so much for an Atheist. Or do they believe a random event made Aliens too? I don’t think they believe Aliens exist.

Reincarnation is great, it makes you think you’ve never existed before. Perhaps that’s sort of true. Maybe cleansing the soul, means removing everything that is you, and making a new somebody.

Oh but consciousness can’t reincarnate. Problem is, consciousness doesn’t live in your body, or even your soul. If it’s a shared consciousness. I find it funny, when people think they know what consciousness is. We may not be killing ourselves with war and crap, if we knew what consciousness is. As we’d know a lot of other stuff too.

I’ll believe somebody that died, over anybody else. And people that have memories of a past life.

Published on: 3 April
Posted by: Tom