Still no The Blackwell Ghost 6 on Amazon

Bummer. Will there ever be one?

On another note, the Hat Man might be an Alien. I saw something about the Hat Man when searching for Blackwell Ghost 6. The last episode of Ancient Aliens talked about shadow people. Somebody said they might be all different entities. That is not all are Aliens, or the same Aliens.

Not sure I believe that, as somebody said they saw a reptilian that was inside a cloak or something. Their cloak may have malfunctioned. The reptilians have a bad rap, so they could be evil.

Something said they were banished by God to live underground.

Speaking of God, if you evolve enough, can you do what we think of as God stuff? There could be a supreme being, but there could also be a ton of evolved beings. So who’s to say an Alien couldn’t create a heaven for humans? And not allow other Aliens to enter that dimension. Apparently there’s a dimension that humans can enter, but some Aliens can’t, and they can’t figure out why.

They might as well be a God. To a baby human, probably almost all Aliens are like a God.

Apparently our tech was way more advance then we currently are, before we got wiped out the third time. We probably became a danger to other species on different planets, and therefore wiped us out yet again. We might be allowed to kill ourselves, since apparently we won’t stop, but other species might not be allowed. You are basically in a death machine, if you are a human. Reincarnate and possibly get blown up again.

We punish ourselves, by killing each other. We will probably get wiped out a fourth time as well. Or wipe ourselves out.

I punish myself by being sad and missing my dead dog.

Maybe that’s just what happens if you make primates smarter.

Tonka may have proved to me more than once she still exists, yet I’m still miserable. I can believe God, and having a soul or life essence, and I’m still miserable.

Perhaps I’ve existed longer then this life, and can’t remember why I’m miserable. So maybe wiping our memory isn’t such a great idea.

Published on: 8 March 2022
Posted by: Tom