Recorded more than I’d expect

All I did was go downstairs to get my laundry. But it recorded lots of balls of lights.

One recording, I assume the video compression, made what looks like a toilet on the wall, but keeps changing it. Maybe the camera lost it’s fucking mind too.

Damn, if this was an adult site, I could make adult videos for it. I’d have to put a warning on it. I can think of a better paranormal adult domain, but somebody probably already has it.

I’m too lazy to upload anything it recorded. Nothing much different then what’s on here. I don’t need to publish every video with balls of lights. The only thing different is the toilet video compression on the wall.

So what any time of the day, that it is dark enough for IR, it might record something? It seems to have recorded more in the small amount of time I was downstairs, then all of while sleeping.

I will publish another UFO like video and/or picture though. That is the most convincing it’s not a bug or dust. Hasn’t seemed to record anything like that again yet though. I’m too lazy to do a paranormal investigation.

Unless it’s a dirty paranormal investigation, then I’d have to publish it on my porn domain.

Published on: 3 March 2022
Posted by: Tom