That might prove it isn’t dust

You should record a lot of balls of light every night, if it’s dust. Barely any balls of light were recorded early this morning. Since it has a sound trigger, it mostly recorded the heater while it was on. And some snoring.

So it looks like the dust theory is wrong.

I suppose some of them could be bugs, guess the bugs didn’t show themselves early this morning. The UFO, isn’t a bug though. I’d probably be dead, if that was a bug. They would have eaten my face off.

Could be spirits, or some of them. If so, they have the ability to be here or not, or show themselves or not.

If I knew any Aliens, I’d ask them what it is.

That reminds me, one day I woke up with my Watch on my pillow. Why the fuck would I take my own Watch off? I got a thought in my head, to check my watch. Somehow I knew the watch wasn’t even on. Or somebody sent that to me. But why? So I don’t squish the watch? If I was abducted, they sure didn’t want to wake me up. Now if a spirit took it off, the question is why?

Smart abducting me while sleeping. Too bad they don’t fix my IBS or anything else. Don’t think abductions are common in my family though.

So why did I take my watch off? And then somehow know I took it off, but no memory of taking it off. I really need a camera in there. But I’m cheap, and also, I’d kind of rather not know what happens in there. Nobody will believe anything except me anyways, so kind of a waste of money on the camera. Not to mention, I’d need a long Ethernet cable. WiFi isn’t great for security cameras, people can knock your stuff off WiFi. Maybe even hack into the camera and watch you sleep. No NFS share on WiFi either, it can’t connect to the VPN. The only way to do that, would be to connect it to a Pi or something by Ethernet, and have that connected to WiFi. Might as well get a long Ethernet cable.

Published on: 27 February 2022
Posted by: Tom