That was weird

Woke up feeling like somebody was sleeping on my leg. Turns out my leg was on the other leg, I sleep on my side. The weird part is, I moved my leg, feeling went away, moved my leg back, and the feeling wasn’t like before, wasn’t as strong or something.

There was also some heat down there too.

Why would a spirit, lay on the leg that is under your other leg? I suppose they could do that.

I figured Tonka was sleeping on my leg, she knows I’d let her. Buddy knows as well, he slept with his head on my foot.

Might have just been hallucinating again. Apparently that’s how I cope with the death of my dog. Maybe next time that happens, I just won’t move or get out of bed.

Do I sleep with my leg on my other leg every night? Probably, since I sleep on my side. So I don’t feel what I felt today everyday.

On another note, the monitor didn’t turn on while sleeping this morning.

Published on: 30 January 2022
Posted by: Tom