Who woke the monitor up?

It wasn’t me, I was sleeping.

The Mac mini did that too, except every morning. This is the first time the Linux PC has done it. So now I don’t know what’s waking it up. I just assumed a macOS problem for the Mac mini. Maybe the fridge is vibrating a ton or something. Will it happen again tomorrow morning? Maybe it’ll do it every morning like the Mac mini was doing.

Could also be a hacker.

I’m too lazy to figure out what log says why it woke the monitor up. Maybe it’s a monitor problem. Except, it should have woken up sooner.

I could unplug the keyboard and mouse, or switch the USB switch to the mini, and see if it wakes up.

You can’t tell if there’s any typing. Can spirits use computers? Probably. Something I was watching a long time ago, said somebody was using their computer, it was loading stuff on the internet. And it wasn’t them. They didn’t provide any proof though. And it could have been Aliens. Aliens can control nukes without being physically in the room.

Too bad no dust particles were recorded going over to the computer, might not be dust in that case.

If you bump the desk, the monitor can wake up. Or the thing the keyboard is on. I don’t see anybody bumping the desk though.

Nothing that interesting in the log file btw. At least not journalctl.

Published on: 29 January 2022
Posted by: Tom