The guy on Ancient Apocalypse isn’t open minded enough, to find what he seeks

He doesn’t believe actual giants walked the Earth. He probably doesn’t believe Aliens either. Good luck uncovering the past with a narrow mind. The mainstream whatever, that doesn’t like what he’s finding, he’s not much different from them.

Why would they clearly say in the story, the giant had a hybrid baby with a human? If he is going to say the story is true, you have to consider that part too. His giant as in smart, I don’t believe. Many cultures speak of actual giants.

I’ll take the literal meaning of giant. I believe anything is possible, and anything can exist.

I might not watch anymore of them.

Oh and the structures could be from humans that got wiped out, for not doing what God or Aliens want. Apparently some form of humans have existed more than once, and this might be our last try. And some of them, have been more advanced then us.

And of course humans are a race of amnesia. I’m guessing he hasn’t heard of reincarnation, you forget everything. Well, he probably doesn’t believe that either. No giants, no Aliens, no reincarnation. Might as well be no God as well.

Atlantis exists? No way Giants could have existed! How do you believe Atlantis, but Giants are a big no. Maybe because they believe only humans exist.

Published on: 18 November 2022
Posted by: Tom