Did I finally get proof of something?

That isn’t dust. Too bright. A fly? Doubtful, they don’t have the ability to disappear like that. And whatever it is, wanted to be recorded. I didn’t need to keep everything after it disappears, I did cut before it appeared.

An Alien? Proof you exist after dying? No idea.

If you go to a different dimension after dying, that could be what you look like, when coming here. But the same might apply for Aliens, in a different dimension. So somebody you know or not, is unknown.

My dream, I wanted proof it wasn’t a dream. Not sure that is related though. As the dream, was in an apartment, with two floors, the blinds on window and windows weren’t the same either.

No camera is going in my room, to see if anything happens that you can’t explain while sleeping. I may not want to sleep in there anymore, or everything might stop.

The blanket may have been tucked in when I woke up, and it felt like a warm spot by me. But I didn’t think Tonka was by me. You’d need a thermal camera to know anything. And it could just be my mind making a warm spot on my side. It’s mind over body after all. Except, I think you have to be intentionally wanting something to happen. In my case, I’m sleeping. I could be messing with the blanket as well.

Apparently you don’t need to do a paranormal investigation to discover anything. Good news, cause I’m lazy, and get scared easily, probably why doing an investigation would get nothing. I don’t think who is here, wants to scare the shit out of me. Everything they do, will probably be when sleeping, or not home.

The entire point of humanity is/was for humans to discover universal light. That might have something to do with love as well, as I think that’s the entire point everything exists. Including Aliens.

Dogs seem to be doing the love part. Humans not all are.

Maybe someday, I’ll see that light with my own eyes. But will it scare the shit out of me? If so, I probably won’t.

Aliens and God can coexist. You actually think humans would still exist if there wasn’t God? There’s plenty of proof for Aliens, and they would have wiped us out, if there was no God. Or good Aliens. How do you get good Aliens without God? I don’t think you do. The universe wouldn’t be intelligently made without God. It would be all random, and if any life existed, they wouldn’t be reading or typing this.

Published on: 19 November 2022
Posted by: Tom