Why doesn’t everybody reincarnate?

Makes you wonder, if you get a choice. Either hauntings aren’t what anybody thinks, or not everybody reincarnates.

And if not everybody reincarnates, how the fuck are babies still being born? God or somebody making more souls? A different species can no longer reproduce? Well, there is “rumors”, that an Alien species can’t reproduce anymore. The reason that species is abducting us, and we will have the same fate apparently. We may share DNA with them. So they can make babies with stuff from humans.

But that’s just a rumor.

And how many people do you think are going to pick to reincarnate? Probably 90% or more are going to not reincarnate. I may pick to reincarnate, because I’m insane. Also, because I know reincarnation happens to some people. But I don’t want to be a human again. So who knows what I’d pick, if I’m given a choice. If the only reincarnation option is some kind of human, then perhaps not. But, they could put me in the future, when humans get more attractive.

Somebody that was abducted, was asked by them, why they are so scared of them, she said because of how ugly they are. And they said it’s what they will look like someday. That sounds like future humans abducted her. And from the drawing or whatever they showed, they look more attractive then modern humans. They might be asking me “Why do you have an erection?”. The guy that was abducted said they appeared to be females. Or female energy.

So females become the dominant gender? Not surprising, they probably wanted to exist, and got rid of men. But there are horrible women in the world too.

Or maybe the hauntings aren’t conscious things happening. They claim there’s more then one haunting, like residual hauntings. But perhaps there’s no intelligent hauntings like they claim. Or if there are, they aren’t human consciousness.

What better way to make humans believe in God? Haunt us.

Oh and on The Visitors, that talked about that person getting abducted, not just the main guy, but they talked about some other person’s abduction once too, they do things that you see in hauntings. At least to the main guy, that’s one way they wake him up. For some reason he thinks who’s doing it, is those who abduct him.

So perhaps everybody reincarnates. But then you have near death experiences, where they are given a choice, to stay where they brought them, or go to the “next” thing, the next thing could be reincarnation. She picked to go back to her body, and they didn’t even give her that option I don’t think. Perhaps they knew she was going to want to go back, so gave her a near death experience.

I don’t think I’d want to go back, nor want to find out what “next” is. You can ask what’s next, but you might soon be reincarnating.

Published on: 23 November 2022
Posted by: Tom