Life to Afterlife: Death and Back

It’s on Prime Video, I think. Or get it from the open source site.

But it may answer some questions about why some people reincarnate. My theory about not being ready, could be one reason. But the ultimate reason, is because God said so.

And if you believe their stories, love is all that matters, I already believed that. Oh and Hell might be real too, which is a bummer. Now I might be worrying about that for the rest of my life. As I might be massively screwed. But maybe not, it seems like some good force is protecting me for some reason.

If you watch The Sleepless Unrest, scary stuff happens on it. The hauntings I experience, aren’t really scary. The main thing, is the monitor wakes up, or it feels like somebody is by me in bed.

So maybe I’m not screwed, and I’m being sent love no matter what.

But I should learn to love, not just dogs, but people too. At least God won’t be as disappointed in me, if I figure love out better.

Oh and God can make themselves look like anything, I think they usually look like light. At least that’s what I think God is, pure love and light. No gender. They can make themselves appear male or female.

Oh and the point of humans being created was for universal love. So perhaps we reincarnate, until all believe in God.

I forgot all about Earthfiles today. But I’m not sure I want to know anymore about Aliens.

Oh and everybody was given free will, even to not believe in God, or to like God. I still think me having no free will would be better. And some of the stuff on that, is confusing as fuck.

I believe them, cause I couldn’t make any of that up, if I tried.

Oh and God confirmed Aliens exist sort of, there’s multiple dimensions. Heaven is in a different dimension, that’s where Tonka is. But apparently they can come here if they want to. Makes sense, if the point is love.

One person was an Atheist. Not anymore.

Oh and I think I know why I believe God, when I was in the nut factory, I said if I don’t get out, God doesn’t exist. It took three months, but I got out.

They talk about living other lives, but they don’t elaborate much. I’m guessing you never recall any of those lives. You might even forget this life. Well, they said the only thing that goes on is love. So if it’s a bad memory, it ceases to exist. God will remember, but I doubt they’ll tell you about it.

Would suck if I lived a past life, and did even worse. Perhaps you are supposed to be like a dog, and not live in the past or future.

I automatically prayed to God to ask them to take care of Tonka, perhaps good care. You don’t really need to do that, God will regardless. But I guess, God is aware, and Tonka is aware of it.

They mentioned prayers, God is listening, and if somebody dies, they will hear them, rather they want to or not.

I wasn’t scared about dying before I watched that, I was when I was a kid though. Now, I’m just worried about Hell.

How does my mom give so much love, but has depression?

Oh and there’s no English subtitles for it, at least not when the subtitle site was online, and I looked on my computer. Then the site went down, tried looking in the app on the Apple TV. One lady has a strong ascent, so really hard to understand her.

Oh and apparently depression and other things are darkness. So I might be very screwed. Darkness might be bad. Probably is bad.

Perhaps I shouldn’t watch shows like this. But shouldn’t I worry about Hell? Perhaps everybody should, then maybe we won’t be horrible to each other.

And for the subtitles, I forgot you can translate it with crow-translate. But I still have the wrong video file. So perhaps search that site for subtitles, before downloading anything. Then download the file with subtitles on that site, perhaps the file itself will have English subtitles as well. If not, translate it with crow-translate.

Published on: 23 November 2022
Posted by: Tom