The Hat Man: Documented Cases of Pure Evil

I only watched around 30 minute, no subtitles, means you can barely hear them. I don’t want to turn the volume up and down the entire time it’s on.

The quality doesn’t look very good either, it says 2019 for when it was released. I doubt 1080p looked that bad from then. Some are Skype interviews, but I think the stuff recorded with a camera doesn’t look great either.

They might all be full of shit as well.

I can see why it has bad reviews.

I suppose the version I have, could be highly compressed. Not sure less compression would solve the problem. And different audio levels throughout the entire movie, is annoying.

Like they used the onboard microphone instead of an actual microphone. Probably didn’t use a light either. I could take better video with my iPhone. You’d think they’d make the audio level consistent throughout the entire video.

Did they use a point and shoot camera? Or maybe something even worse, like a VHS tape camcorder. But it claims to be 1080p.

Published on: 25 November 2022
Posted by: Tom