The Steam Deck didn’t wake up for days

Think it was three days. Finally woke itself up today. When I wasn’t home. I did get a notification though. Now the question is, who is waking it up? Seems odd for a software thing, as you’d think it would wake up everyday in that case. I could turn it off, but then I won’t […]

Published on: 5 May
Posted by: Tom

Bought Anzar the Progenitor

Just like I said I was going to. I may or may not read it though, I collect books. eBooks that is. And the Mac mini is useful for one thing, managing my eBooks on my Kindle. I remove DRM before putting it on my Kindle. That way I have the book forever. Well, except […]

Published on: 1 May
Posted by: Tom

Steam Deck most likely wakes up because of Steam

If in desktop mode, just close Steam. My Linux PC would wake up because of Steam as well. Or that’s if the monitor wakes up. If you are talking about suspending, that is a different problem. And it probably wakes up to download stuff. But Linux PC still wakes up, just not as much. Not […]

Published on: 28 April
Posted by: Tom

Is that a coincidence?

While looking at photos from security camera, I noticed the Steam Deck woke up when I was gone. And then the Steam Deck woke up again. The Steam Deck can see what I’m doing? Apparently. That may be the first time it woke up at 7:58 PM though. I think that was the time. I […]

Published on: 27 April
Posted by: Tom

Who pushed the blanket in?

Video Watch it carefully, at first, I didn’t notice it being pushed in. Just lifted up. Since the camera isn’t in room, you can’t see if I lifted it up. But you can see, I didn’t push it in. And I don’t think it was pulled in either. Now I kind of want the camera […]

Published on: 27 April
Posted by: Tom

Video quality too shitty

If the camera was in my room, you’d be able to tell if I made it pushed down, or somebody you can’t see did. But the camera is on my desk, and can only see so much in the bedroom. And because of how far away it is, the quality is really bad. Doesn’t exactly […]

Published on: 23 April
Posted by: Tom

How “Reptilians” could control their slaves

If the “Reptilians” exist, they might as well, and they have slaves on one or more planets, they could control them, by making your soul not awake or aware of anything. All they are using it for is to power the body. There’s a story of a guy waking up in a different body, but […]

Published on: 22 April
Posted by: Tom

Steam Deck waking up at 11:08 AM and PM

Is that software related? No idea. What’s significant with 11:08? No idea, but I think the first time I noticed it waking up at the same time. Is something going to happen at 11:08 AM or PM? Maybe it was waking up at the same times before, but too often, so didn’t pay attention. Only […]

Published on: 21 April
Posted by: Tom

God isn’t a he

They can appear as anything, including no gender. God is unconditional love, not a human, nor a gender. Not sure I’m reading any of those books, as they say God is a he. That’s like saying male is a superior gender. But clearly it isn’t, as that’s most likely the reason humans are going extinct. […]

Published on: 20 April
Posted by: Tom

Anzar the Progenitor by Bruce Olav Solheim

Bad reviews on Amazon, probably written by the government. They don’t say how they came to the conclusion Reptilians don’t exist though. Sounds like something the government would say. Oh and apparently nukes are going to be used in the next war. They claim it’s an Alien war or something. If nukes happen, will they […]

Published on: 19 April
Posted by: Tom